Thursday, 15 January 2015

Infamous: First Light

School just started & last year's marked test papers started flying back one by one, but I never thought I would ever see my favourite English essay again. From the title you guessed it, I wrote about Infamous: First Light!

Well, it wasn't fully the same as the gameplay, I changed some parts of it (can't remember during the test) but it still turned out the way I like, and I would love to share it with you guys! The instructions of the essay is to end it with "since that day, I have never done anything bad again". 

So this is how it goes. 

    "Fetch, mind lending me a hand here? It's our last day of work, after I get my share I'll get you that Shiba Inu dog you wanted." said Brent with a laugh.

    "Are you kidding me? Let's go now! I can't wait grabbing its furry little paws!" I screamed with excitement.

    My name's Fetch, you probably don't find it a common name, but it's as uncommon as I like it. I am one of those so called "Conduits" who are born with unbelievable powers, but am not happy to be one. My parents called the "Conduit Cops" which are known as D.U.P. when they can't cope with neon lights shooting out of my palms. They rejected me as their own daughter, but luckily my brother, Brent saved me. He grabbed my arm, leaped out the back window and there we ran, to start out new life.

    It was tough. No shelter, no food. Brent always protected me from kids who threw pebbles at us or cops that were trying to find us. We have no choice but to steal from grocery stores to stop our bodies from shivering, our tummies from rumbling. I bet you were wondering, why not use my powers? Brent always told me the first rule is to hide my powers. We need to live like normal citizens if we don't want to get into any trouble. Without Brent, we would already be dead or busted. So thankful to have such a great brother.

    After years of living under the bridge with the company of rats, things started to come to a change. Brent got a job, an unpleasant one. He was hired by drug dealers near Lantern Town. They said his stealing skills were amazing, letting him go would be a waste. We were given an apartment to stay in, an average pay and the best part - unlimited amount of drugs. Of course, how could we even resist?

    Our lives were getting better, or should I say exciting. Shipping drugs in the day, getting paid, sniffing cocaine all day. I can describe it as the life in heaven. Sometimes I would get out of control, I start shooting neon fireworks all around the town, flying around like a neon maniac. Brent was worried, he would ground me and restrict me from going out. I understand his actions, I know he loves me, I just can't help it sometimes.

    Last month was the month of my birthday, also the last month of Brent's job. The deal between him and the drug dealers are coming to an end. He wanted to get a better job, at least a legal one. He think that it's too dangerous, especially having to care for me. I could be in trouble if he screws up. It was our last day of drug shipping, I was all hyped up with the drugs spinning in my head. Brent sneaked the drugs onto the boat and we were ready to set sail.

    Suddenly, cops appeared at the dock. They look like they are doing their daily patrolling. Brent and I hid in the boat without the sound. I felt itchy and decided to go out and "play" with the cops. Brent tried to stop me, but my ears weren't even functioning at that time.

    So I leaped out like a monkey and showed the cops some magic tricks. I shot them with neon lights and chased them while they ran. It was fun, seeing them running off like a heap of zebras. I chuckled and walked back towards the boat.

    But things weren't as fine as it seems.

    In a sudden, D.U.P. helicopters and army tanks arrived at the scene. Brent and I were surrounded by a deadly team. Without my mind awake, I fought back with neon blasts and grenades. Explosions were everywhere. Gunshots were fired. I was actually enjoying myself, unleashing my powers after so long. It felt awesome, like I'm unstoppable.

    Soon enough, I realised the D.U.P. were starting to fall back. My evil laugh filled the town. I can't believe I'm beating the deadliest force on earth. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

    "Fetch! Look out!" shouted Brent as these are his last words to me.

    A rocket bomb dropped onto our boat. Then what I could remember seeing was a bright explosion that blinded me. Everything was muted, I was thrown into the sea. When I was awake, I found myself in a cage. Yes, a cage, with the initials "D.U.P." engrossed on its door. I broke into tears, my panic attack struck once again. Everything was in a big mess.

    When I still had the hope to see Brent again, a D.U.P. officer handed me his half-burnt cap. I was the the cap I gave it to him on his 18th birthday. That was when my world tumbled down like an earthquake, crashing onto my soul. I regretted so bad as it was all my fault being such a brat. I couldn't even listen to my brother's first rule. What kind of sister am I? I know you'll never forgive me Brent. I'm so sorry, Brent.

    Since that day, I have never done anything bad again.

I miss you, Brent.