Monday, 3 August 2015


Stunning performance steals the show
Wreck them shades with standards never low
Cool's the word yet chill's a no
All tackle's red, the colour without cold

Taylor Swift's album grabbed its fame
Fiery as heck unleashed no shame
Red's a scene no one would say lame
A splash so wild it turns on the A game

The pallet I favourite shines and captures
Bagpack, watches, painted with texture
Once I dreamt a puppy with red fur
Barking around like warrior of the year

People say red's the violence of blood
I agree not as it's tears of innocence
Grasps for its last breath stories the brave
As red was never the wall of a cave

Daring-like glory fought for world's peace
Drawing its power from the red flag in mist
Respect such colour as it challenges risks
Also not forgetting the love of a kiss.


- Inspired by my favourite colour. -