Know The Author

Alanis Au is not your ordinary 18 year old college freshman. She is also a YouTuber as 'PawsOfAHusky' and a blogger who writes 'All Above The Stars' on a weekly basis. Her dream is to work in various careers of her liking, one includes being a Creative Director & Video Producer in BuzzFeed LA.

From the interesting side of her, Alanis possesses many skills & talents. She plays the piano since 5, plays guitar fingerstyle-by-ear, loves doodling & more. One of her flairs which stands out is her ability to pen tap or drum miraculously as she has a quirky habit of drumming foreign objects since her childhood years. She's tremendously awful at dancing, maths & science.

To muffle the portrayal of crème de la crème, Alanis was never a popular kid in her surroundings as she often effectuates isolation. She hopes to inspire & enlighten the world with her writings and live her dream life, knowing that desire's not the word to achieve her ambitions, but compel.


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