Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Levels of Aspiration

I hold a soul craving to shine
As everyone around laughed while watching me twine
Lying like death ain't gonna help so why whine
My bold painful fist lifted me up to find what's mine

I began to draw life that exists in my joy
Wild imaginations I opened and deployed
Soon people around me noticed and enjoyed
Something they would read all day without being cloyed

Few weeks later I spread the muse
Music's my spark like feet and shoes
Piano, once a chained-on torturing fuse
Became none but my emotional abuse

Rhythm and beats are somehow my thing
So hidden I never noticed till my friend taught a fling
Thanks to him as it woke me up like a bee sting
It turned into an unexpected specialty I could wing

Confidence then risked myself a bet in red
Youtube it is, which I'm glad I went ahead
A thousand subscribers, rising and never dead
The dream I worked to chase, finally revealing its bed.

Chase your dreams.

- Inspired by real life events I went through. -