Thursday, 13 August 2015

Michelle a.k.a. Awkwardos

First glare sent me a quiet kitten
The one who studies hard all autumn
Stunned to bits with my wrong judgement
As she's quite a hipster, never a roman

Random phrases she habitually pops
Trying to make sure the fun never stops
Cute stuff and cats steal her tops
Nugget_Pancake and tons of lolipops

Brofist our way to 'Balalalala'
Bubba Babbu's I to her awesome mama
I suppose we're fated as awkward fellas
Somehow she reminds me of the husky, Mishka

Toothsome craving often we share
Yes, food's a priority only both of us bear
She's one in a million who plays the games fair
A really great friend I would refer too rare

Remember you handed me a meaningful letter?
In case you didn't know, it smiled me like Mad Hatter
Sorry this poem could be done so much better
Hope you love it, you crazy mustache mister!

Awkwardos - Gauche buddies! ;P

- Inspired by the infinite-years-classmate // Big Hero 6 fanmate! -