Saturday, 12 September 2015

MTV World Stage Malaysia '15

Huge morning to you all lovely humans! Last night was such a blast it felt like I was in some deep hallucination.

From the evident title, you guys probably know where my night was spent yesterday aites! One word to describe it - unbelievable. The crowd was flooding Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach, music was super invigorating, and the ones who performed were awe-inspiring. To me, I attend this once-a-year music fest to meet Sekai no Owari, Carly Rae Jepsen & Jason Derulo! Oh gosh I don't even know where to start, they were tearing the stage into pieces. Sekai no Owari made me love them more (the piano performance is heart melting I swear), Carly's performance was perfectly executed & her songs were soul-satisfying, Jason Derulo literally stole the show. His dancers were sight-killers my jaw remained open while they did hysterical moves. Plus the songs he chose to present? Yaassss.

Ah, almost forgot to mention the crew that I went with. They were Nedd (of course), her sister Gienne, and Michelle. What a night of our lives we lived. On top of that, we even met cool people during the event - Benjamin Kheng, JinnyBoy & Mark O'Dea! Hmm there were definitely cons too besides the pros, for example the heartless smokers who are doing an excellent job teaming up with Mr. Haze. I don't care if it's a cigarette or an e-vapor, you're still smoking shit in public, godammit.
Tickets for four.
With JinnyBoy!
Sneakers Squad.
Stage from far view.
View from sitting down *pants*.
Chilling in Pyramid after it ended.

Soon after the event came to an end, we had a sleepover in Nedd's house (or slumber party as she would have it). But well, I'm just going to keep this post until here, obeying the title's accent. The crazy sleepover part will have to wait for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Hope you peeps had a fun Saturday night too!

Rock on, Alanis xx.