Monday, 25 January 2016

Spring Orientation

New year, new life!

As you may know, my high school life has come to an end (sorta) & it's time for me to hop onto college. It's been about a week ago since I attended my orientation days in Sunway University, and I'm writing this post just a hour before my Journalism class starts. Time definitely flies, I swear. I honestly feel like a 13 year old walking into a class of 20 year olds! Where's the long lost maturity?

Anyways, I'm writing this to sketch about my experience regarding the past week of forcing myself into a new environment, shaking new hands & speaking more proper English. Was I scared, nervous, my inner self crying out loud to end the sessions? 60% yes I would say. As an extroverted introvert who did tried my best to stick with being extro for the day, it was a mild struggle. Like you know, I have the need to project an extro look to the humans as that was how I looked on my 2nd YouTube channel. Welp, it turned out awful as I wasn't convincing at all. There were surprisingly a few awesome people who appear to be as random as I am, thus became really cool buddies! Yup it's tough to find someone who's as arbitrary as I am.

What else to say? Hmm let's pinpoint this topic onto an activity I went through on Day 2. It was some group activity to train our high order thinking skills or some crap. I don't know. Welp, our leader appeared to be as intimidating as fuck, which made me close to dozing off since he won't even listen to other outputs. Despite the leader, the activity itself was poop, causing no one to attend the next session on Day 3 but 8 lonely humans (including me) out of 60. Shockingly, that session was less dull & a little more exciting with the tiny amount of people. Now I think about it, it's actually pretty boring..

To put this into a conclusion, orientation was crap.

Okay it wasn't entirely crap, I met crazy people I'm gleeful to meet like Justin, Tram & a few more. Without these humans, I'd die in class rotting into moss. Oh I guess I'm supposed to attend another orientation for the late spring intake kiddos (which is me) as I'm a UPP student still waiting for my SPM results. Basically I can't sit in classes for credit hours yet without the results that are going to turn out horrible anyway. Let's not think about that & enjoy the 7-week program, aites?

Sometimes the face doesn't say it all.

Have a great week, Alanis xx.