Saturday, 27 June 2015

Nedd a.k.a. BFF

A lady I wouldn't address
But a tigress in a dress
Her ideas so brave it's a mess
Sadly the shy in her is an ass

Her dimples mark her cool
Which I find not so true
She's so strong like a bull
Strength never used for cruel

Her food choice is my rage
So choosey I'd lock her in a cage
Although we share the same age
I believe she owns a younger page

Her worries settle on almost everything
She needs to keep calm and start singing
Her voice so good four chairs would swing
An imperfectly perfect package to be seen

Alas the down side lies on me
The friend who tried not hard enough to show her the world she foresees
I deeply hope she finds joy & glee
And live her dream like honey & bee.

15 year old cat-smiles. Ah, surely miss those junior times. 

- Not exactly inspired but requested by Nedd herself. :D
  Well, it counts though as she IS an inspiration. (written few months ago) -