Saturday, 30 May 2015

Lights, Camera, Action

Greetings fellow humans!

Today, I had attended a fundraising lunch organised by the Leo Club of SMK Seafield (aka my school), themed Lights, Camera, Action! Wouldn't say I managed to blend into such a formal event as I felt extremely restricted wearing a dress I would only take it out from the wardrobe thrice a year. Well, at least I got a chapter of myself stuck on me, I dug out my guts and wore my pair of stained Converse to a formal event. No heels for me.

Everything went alright I suppose, until things were coming to an end. Lacking performances & having an hour left till the official end time, I got pulled out by the Leo committees to play the piano. Not cool man, not cool. My mind went neurotic laying my fingers onto the keys, fearing the embarrassment I would gain if I screwed up such a ceremonial occasion. Phew, it's finally over. (In case you're wondering, I played See You Again & I See Fire.)

No idea why but Qianrou reminds me of cookie monster. :3

Heyyy Liting!

Feeling soooo out of place.

First ever polaroid!

Extremely grateful to have her as a pal. #Mars <3

What a day! Thanks Seafield Leos for hosting such a memorable event. No regrets!

Converse & Love, Alanis xx.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Japanese Cuisine Favourites

Morning everyone!

As a teen who loves eating & exploring real food, I had tasted lots of different cuisines from all over the world. I wouldn't say I own a favourite one as each cuisine has their own uniqueness in spices and techniques I love, like French has their Bouquet Garni while Chinese uses soy sauce as their main seasoning. Today, I choose to talk about Japanese Cuisine & my favourite creations of this cuisine.

1.  Chirashi Don

If you're a HUGE fan of Sashimi, this is a must to try! Thickly sliced Sashimi generously topped on a bowl of sakura-seasoned Japanese rice. Mmmmm speechless. It's just too beautiful for my eyes & tastebuds I got to appreciate every bite. So shut up & don't talk to me, let me eat. The one I love best is from Tokyo Grill and Sushi in Grand Rapids, MI.

2.  Sukiyaki 

 Ah, a bunch of fresh greens, mushrooms, tofu & glass noodles soaked in a sweet-salty base. Don't forget the beef on the side! Let it swim in the egg dip then gently place it into the hot pot for a few seconds for heat to do its thing. When it's done, dive in and oh, you flew to heaven for a moment there. It's just amazing. 

Simple but warmly comforting, Chasuke is Japanese dish made by pouring green tea or dashi over perfectly cooked rice topped with savoury toppings such as salmon flakes, nori & roasted sesame seeds. In my country, I have not found a restaurant that serves this traditional creation, but my family often have this at home as it's easy to make. I usually top mine with dried ume, wasabi-flavoured sesame seeds, nori & bonito flakes. Itadakimasu!

If you're thinking "What? Tamagoyaki? What's so special about grilled eggs?" Then you're plain wrong. People don't know that this famous Japanese creation takes YEARS for a chef to perfect, as what Sushi Master Jiro Ono said. His style of making tamagoyaki is different. He doesn't roll it, instead he flips the whole japanese omelette in a squared pan. Yup, it's as tough as it sounds, but a bite of such beautiful food would melt your heart with its soft sweetness & balanced texture. If you have the cash, book a table at Sukiyabashi Jiro now! You can thank me by booking me a seat then picking up my tab. 

Not just any ramen, but Menya Musashi's Tonkatsu Ramen! It's creamy, boldy flavoured with pork bones base gifts you a flight to Tokyo. I remember my first time trying this, my tastebud got stoned for a second as I had never had such a mouthwatering ramen in my life. Plus it's authentic! Sadly I only get to eat this once in a few months as I'm currently broke. Well, at least I took a photo with its Master Chef Yamaguchi! Welp where's the photo...

6.  Taiyaki

Yes, this famous Japanese treat shows that I'm an Azuki lover. This fish-shaped cake stuffed with sweet Azuki red bean paste was a part of my childhood. I recall the kid-sized me saving up coins just to get a piece of Taiyaki from an authentic Japanese store. Well, I would say these are worth spending for! Taiyaki are also filled with other common fillings such as chocolate, sweet potato and custard, but it's original version won my heart. 

So here you go, these are my Japanese Cuisine favourites! Now you know what to treat me if you bring me to a Japanese restaurant (or Japan). If you haven't try these delicacies, what are you waiting for? Hit your nearby Japanese restaurant and satisfy your tastebuds! Don't forget to thank me with a treat aites.

Have a good day, and I'll see you then!

さようなら, Alanis xx.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Wonderland of Mine

"Good Night, daddy. See you tomorrow." I spoke with a soft voice towards my marble door, watching daddy's shadow disappear.

Hmm, a day spent well at cozy home, I though. Basic freedom, breezy sunlight, a kitchen to mess up with my still-in-practice culinary skills. Although it's a little sad being alone, at least I could be myself. Doesn't it feel extremely comfortable being so? Even though if I'm put through tough conditions, or even death, at least it's the real me on my cover. And that's all I ask for, a space to be myself.

Soon before I realised, my exhausted mind dozed off with my midnight thoughts as its lullaby. Across this dot, my souls has traveled into another dimension which its existence unknown. Only I can figure out the answer, but without an answer to search for. Confusing, ain't it? Well, people call them "dreams" or so. If I doesn't make you grin, then "nightmare"is its name. As what I prefer it to be named, "Wonderland". Inspired by Lewis Carroll. Finally, it sounds fair and mystical, good and bad combined into such a wonderful term. But the wonderland of mine ain't worth a smile at all.

"Tick-tock-tick-tock-ringggg....." a familiar sound woke my soul lying in another girl's body. As what it felt I was programmed to perform, I stood up and proceed to clean myself and get dressed. The first image that gave me a shiver was my uniform, hinting me that I was heading to an accident. Oatmeal for breakfast later, I sat my dad's car to what I call "Institution of Hell", as it was the only venue I was permanently coded to be someone else.

First step over hell's boundary, I could already feel the thickness of the air that caused me ill. The people around me, friends, rivals, unknowns, all made me felt lifeless in seconds. The inner me walked with an old man's stick while my cover seemed totally alright. Feared for conversations, I forced myself to sleep in the room I was ordered to be in. Oh, my internal soul, I meant. From the exposed, I looked like I was daydreaming through the rusted walls. Not even half a day was history yet.

During the break which I preferred as "Torture of Crowds", my coded self went to greet humans I envy. The hatred towards myself grew as there was no one else to blame except for me. Fortunately, I had control to get myself food so I could much my bites at a snail pace to prevent involving myself into any kind of chatter. My inner self teared up at this point, dying to wake up from this terrifying wonderland. Of course, a classical pinch stopped working since year 1865.

Back in our miserable boxes of erudition, my stopwatch was the one and only sight my eyes locked on. My traumatic brain calculated time to rain a drop of hope for my internal soul. Humans walk, run by my opaque body as if I wasn't an existence. Ignorance never tried itself as I guessed its outcome of waving hello. Sprawling on my dusty desk like a corpse left floating on the ocean, I ponder about why was this nightmare-ish wonderland fated on me, why wouldn't it accept a twist and just let myself be free for once. My rage grew but coding did its working numbing my unapparent feelings.

"Dear sun, you can rise anytime now." I begged in thoughts.

After what it felt like days, my real daddy snapped me out from a land I would die to never return. He informed me to get ready for a picnic by nine. I questioned him about school as the day's mad Monday, he answered, "Silly, yesterday was just Friday! Are you that eager for school, Alanis?"

And the cycle goes on.

Was that even a dream?

Monday, 25 May 2015

Piano Covers: Behind The Scenes

Helloooooo! As you peeps know, I'm a rookie YouTuber and own a YouTube channel full of instrumental covers and weird crap.

Wait, you don't know? Here you go, my awe-inspiring channel.

Hmm back to the topic. Ever wonder how I capture my piano covers? Thing is, they never once gave me a smooth time. For every piano cover, random crap happens at least once. That one wrong note when the end was near, camera falling off my window pane (ouch), camera battery dies out of the blue, piano sheets got blown off the stand onto my face, all types of crap. Believe me, I explode every time it happens even though it happens all the time. Sometimes I got so frustrated I 'delayed' my cover for a week. That's how bad it is.

Won't it be splendid if I show you peeps the bloopers? Sadly, I can't find all my past failed videos in my phone or laptop. Guess I deleted them all during last winter, welp. But on the bright side, here's something I got from my recent piano cover. (Warning, random alert)

1.  Before I start filming, a hair swift is very essential. 

Do I look good on camera?

2.  Next, a Grimmie Salute as a respect to my idol, Christina.


3.  Hmm how 'bout a wave to the fans? Oh gosh this never ends huh.


4.  Why not do a hoodie flip if I have a hoodie on?

Hoodie is love. <3

5.  And when your song is near the end, your finger decides to tackle an incorrect key.

F. M. L.
6.  Finally, the 'unicorns & rainbows' feeling when you achieve a cover you find satisfying.

Yayyyy in silence.

Now you know piano covers don't only include playing the piano. 
Here's the piano cover if you're looking for it. See You Again (Piano Cover)

Cheers! Alanis xx.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Breakfast Quiche

Sunday mornings are the best where you get to wake up whenever you desire (well, besides Saturdays where you don't need to worry about school next day). But surprisingly I woke up earlier than yesterday, which was a question I myself find hard to answer. After popping out from my warm bed, I decided to make Fruit Tortillas for breakfast as I loveeee fruits, but turns out my refrigerator was out of fruit, causing me to go mad for a second. Then, I noticed dozens of eggs waving at me on the countertop saying "EAT ME OR I'LL ROT".

Eggs are such attention seekers, I know.

That's when I made up my 'fruit-demotivated' mind to cook up a Quiche for the first meal of the day. If you don't know what's a Quiche, it's a pastry dish with eggs/custard filling in it and toppings all over the place. Sadly, classic Quiches are a pain to the ass to make because you have to make the crust and stuff, which I, a lazy piece of crap ain't going to do. So instead of the classic ones, I made a really easy 3 minutes Quiche in a mug! Oh and without the crust, I'm currently eating clean without starchy food so I threw in some oats instead.


2 medium sized eggs
3 tablespoons of milk
1 teaspoon of butter
1 tablespoon of oats
6-7 slices of cucumber
4 mini cherry tomatoes, halved
1/8 cup of frozen peas
Few leafs of wild rocket
Salt & pepper to taste
A mug (preferably a tall one)

Here's how you wing it!

First, whisk the eggs with milk and butter in a mug until they're well combined. Then, throw in the toppings (cucumber, tomatoes, peas, oats, or anything you like) and stir evenly. After you feel satisfied with your raw Quiche, slide the mug into the microwave and set it to high for 3 minutes. Take a short nap until you hear its ring, pop it out of the microwave, garnish with wild rocket and you're ready to fulfil your tastebuds! Ah, don't forget to season your Quiche with a dash of salt & pepper!

Yum yum in the tum! <3

Yup, it's just that simple to make a Quiche-for-one (more like an omelette woops). Usually people mix in pieces of baguette bread for a dense, packed texture, but I myself prefer oats as they're much more healthier than bread. Now you don't need to spend an hour fluffing out the pastry crust or buy a ready-made one, all thanks to the microwave (and me, duh).

Hope your weekend is awesome!

Eggs and love, Alanis xx.

Once again, Grimmie Salute!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Baked Cinnamon Oatmeal in a Mug

Morning there, fellow humans all over the world!

I just woke up an hour ago which was 9.30am (yes I'm a beg-hugger) and a delicious idea snapped my brain cells. Since it's a free Saturday morning where I don't need to rush to school by 7, why don't I show you peeps what I usually gobble for breakfast! Oh, I'm not the kind of boring teen who just bite on a piece of sandwich bread and hops on the school bus. No no no, I make sure I satisfy myself with a wholesome mouth-drooling breakfast that does its part to volume-up my day!

So, the one I'll be showing you today is one of my favourite breakfasts that are super easy to make just in 4 minutes. If you're a big fan of cinnamon, baked apples or oatmeal, you're fated to read this! It's Baked Cinnamon Oatmeal! Yes, I said 'baked', it's not a typo. Even better, you can just toss everything into a mug and shove it into the microwave, then wait for the 'ting' and you're off to omnom time!


3 tablespoons of oatmeal (whole cut/quick cook)
2 teaspoons of milk (just a tiny splash)
Half an apple/pear, diced
Half a ripe banana/1 small ripe banana (mashed)
Cinnamon powder for a powering taste
Greek Yogurt (optional)
Honey (optional)

Here's how you perform the magic:

First, roughly mix the oatmeal with milk in a bowl until you see clumps. Then, toss in the mashed banana and mix well so you'll get the sweet banana taste in your oats! After that, throw in the diced apples/pears and toss around the whole mixture (I usually use apples, but this time I'm using pears because I ran out of apples). Before hitting the microwave, spice up the world with a few dashes of cinnamon powder (I LOVE cinnamon, I usually chuck in 2 teaspoons or more). When your raw concoction is ready, frisbee it into the microwave in high for 2-3 minutes (I do 2.2).

Now wait.... and wait.... and wait.... *ting* it's done! Grab your steamy treat out of the microwave (caution, it's hot!) and you're ready to dive in! If you crave for a creamy texture like me, don't hesitate to scoop in some greek yogurt! Not up to your sweet level? Drizzle on some honey! Invent your own creation with anything you can find in your pantry! Raisins, chocolate chips, peanut butter...

Before hitting the baker!
Baked to perfection topped with a scoop of greek yogurt <3

Usually match my breakfast with a warm cup of Americano.

(I used a bowl to present you a clear look of how it's done. ^)

Yup that's how you magically snap an amazing breakfast treat in only 4 minutes. No more excuses saying you need to stand like a statue to stir oatmeal on the stove! Bake them and have a nap instead! Students out there who always grab a packet of biscuits or bread to school, stop doing so and wake up your tastebuds instead! I'm serious, it's dead easy! Plus it's healthy and scrumptious, you'll thank me for this! If you tried it out, be sure to tweet me a photo of it here! Would love to see your amazing creations.

*Burp* Ah finally done with breakfast, see you peeps next time! Alanis xx.

Hoodie Perks

Hello there fellow beings!

Even though I snore in a country that has only summer ongoing for 24/7, hoodies are still my pick over tees. Such weird ain't I, sweating like a dog under the boiling sun in a winter hoodie. Well, there are actually perks of being hugged by one! At least perks I created and find acceptable..

1.  Hoodies curtail insecurity transiently.

Wearing an oversize one feels like a soft cuddle of warmth. Now you don't need a boyfriend to die for, just grab a Cookie Monster hoodie and look at the midnight stars alone (with a bowl of cookies, of course).

2.  Hoodies hide your flaws.

Afraid to show your bacon around your torso? Hoodies are no problem being its layer of dreamy mozzarella cheese! But wait a second, if you're sliding into a hoodie for this reason, please know that you're a beautiful human, there's no need to hide YOU. Imperfect perfections are still perfect.

Yes you are.

3.  Hoodies are the boss of rain.

When you're walking out from school with a bunch of friends and it's starts raining, just throw on your grey hoodie and run for shelter! The next glance you have on your friends, they're going to be soaking wet while you stand there waving with a crooked grin. Evil, I know.


4.  Hoodies bring out your athletic chapter.

Who doesn't look sporty in a Nike hoodie? No one. You don't even need to perform strength training and jog five hours a day to look like a sport model, just do the cheat trick and you're good to go!

One of my dream hoodies.

5.  Hoodies are forever in trend.

At least in my world. Is it even possible for it to grow outdated? Hoodies own so many different types and genre, just mix & match a few styles to it and poof, the new fashion buzz is out!

Says no one ever!

6.  Also, hoodies hide marks you don't want the public to stare at.

Welp, for this one, you'll understand if you could relate. If you couldn't, don't worry you're good!

That's all for today. See you all soon aites, Alanis xx.


Hoodie Salute!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Essay Gone Wrong

Guess what? English in Writing was the subject of today's examination (besides Physics 2)! Before the exam began, confidence was the soothing element flowing in my blood as English writing is one of my favourite subjects. Especially after having painful Physics, ah I only remember myself scribbling unknown definitions & creating original theories of mine. Playing it cool.

As I was given the question slip, I flipped it to the page behind to search for my targeted topic. And YES, I spot one that could fit my all time favourite story, Infamous: First Light! Without a second thought, I fixed my decision to compose a mildly twisted story that I had wrote in the past two examinations. 

It definitely felt safer to scribble a story I aced before, but there was its con too. I was kind of afraid that my teacher would find the story familiar and recalling it from our March test. Hmm, not a scene I would like to see it happen. To prevent such tough luck, I decided to change the names of the characters. Fetch to Danielle, Brent to August (Gus for short). Sounds aboriginal eh? Besides, Danielle is one of the dream names for my future kid. Woots, imagine Danielle as Fetch with her supernatural powers. What am I even thinking? Wake up Alanis!

So things were going well until I lost track of time. Writing the same story for the third time, I could write more descriptively with interesting characteristics and the character's finely detailed thoughts. It felt like I was melting into my story, living it in my head. But the more descriptive I get, the more time I consumed. I got stuck at some sections too when I fail to knock bombastic words out of my head. Torturing but exhilarating feels. 

Suddenly, my teacher voiced out "time's up" while I only finished the paragraph of the story's climax. Freaking out, my neat words were soon continued by unidentifiable human symbols I myself felt like crying when I read them back again. With teacher only a few desks away from me already collecting the completed essays, I ended the story with an explosion and August's sudden death. After stapling the pieces of papers together, I rushed to my teacher & handed her my masterpiece. That moment lift up the rock on my chest and soothed the soreness of my right hand. Huge relief laid flat on my panting heart. 

But out of a sudden, I realised something very wrong.

I recalled my last sentenced as "That was the last time I ever saw Brent again."

Wait, Brent? Wasn't it suppose to be August?


I don't even know what to say anymore. Fml.

I feel you, Fetch.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Christina Grimmie's Twin!

Hey there fellow humans! Ever heard about the fabulous Christina Grimmie? You probably know her from her original YouTube channel 'zeldaxlove64' or from The Voice Season 6. Just in case you didn't know, I'm a huge 'frand' of her & part of #teamgrimmie!

Yu rawk, Grimmie!

Well, just found out that I could be her twin!

Grimmie Salute!

Hahah pardon my randomness. It sparked my head when I was taking a new profile picture for my YouTube channel with my favourite green-black headphones on. With a touch of the awesome Grimmie Salute, poof! I call it the 'Grimmie Transformation'!

Welp, terribly sorry for exposing the random side of me. Love you all <3

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Upshot of a Pampered Kid

I was having dinner with my dad & my brother just an hour ago. We had our usual chats while omnom-ing, it was all cool until dad left the table.

I was whining about the bad haircut I just had this afternoon as it's way too short, Tim (my brother) just shot in saying that it suits me since I'm such a tomboy. The word "tomboy" fired me up because only people who fail to know me well enough would say that. I slapped in saying "well, at least I, your sister's manlier than you." He responded with an unexpected reply, saying he's cool being effeminate. Shocked, I told him evilly that his surprising reply is going to reach his crush's ear. Of course, he freaked out and tried to threaten me so his nightmare wouldn't happen.

My brother, threatening me? A joke I suppose! I told him that I could even posted it on social media so the world would know (which is what I'm doing right now, woops) and he suddenly jumped into serious mode. He slammed the dining table and walked away, assuming that he ended the talk. I, on the other hand wants to keep this cruel conversation going for a good reason (read on & you'll know) so I proceed to follow him, throwing taunts at him for a strong reply. 

"Oh, so this is how you solve your problems eh? Running away? Excuse me sir, but it's still laying right here & it's not going to shrink by it's own. What you're showing me is that you lose, and I get to spread your confession onto social media. Cool with that?" I said to his back. Instead of saving his own arse, he shouted "I don't know how to fix it alright! If I knew how, I wouldn't be what I am today!"

Me: "What do you mean by not knowing how to fix it? It's a freaking natural act that first requires guts so you don't run away from it before even ruminating. Hey, I was brutally bullied when I was a kid too aites, probably worse than yours. I managed to solve craps by myself so I don't stay afraid of school everyday. I don't have anyone to look up to, just myself. You still have a big sister to learn from sometimes. So telling me you don't know? Just another excuse you use to end chats."

Tim: "I don't know! I just don't know how to, alright?"

Me: "Don't you see what's the huge cause for things like that to happen? It's because you're extremely pampered by mom! See what happens when she's out of the country? No one's here to solve your problems, kid! Usually mom would throw me a timeout if I say things to you, giving you the thought that you win the game. Well face it brat, what can you do without her presence? Not even saving your own arse! You need to learn how to unravel your knots by yourself, Tim. You're not 8 anymore. This is why I don't argue with her anymore when she pampers you. The side effects are too much for my handling. Rather be on my own."

Tim: "Shut up! I just don't know how to! Yes, I'm running away from problems, because I don't know how to fix them!"

Eventually I left this never-ending conversation because my brother just keep shovelling the phrase "I don't know" into my face after everything I said. Hmm couldn't blame him for that though, to be frank he's pampered too much. I saw this coming since mom flew off to America, it's going to be different for him after losing his back up. The reason why I argued with my brother is because I want him to have a clear realisation of how bad mom's pampering made him what he is today. He always thought that it's great to have a one-sided warrior with him all the time, but what happens when mom's not around? Doomsday has arrived, bro. 

Hope he takes it in even it's hard for him to do so. Stop running away from your problems, Tim. Just face it like a man. One day, mom's not going to be there for you anymore. I'm just trying to help you here, like what a sister does. 

This pampered Bulldog is adorable though :3