Monday, 28 September 2015

Mitsui Outlet Park & MAD!

Bonjour! Here's another holiday throwback - let's all rewind time to last Thursday's outing!

Since the weather was terribly hazy during the holidays, the family & I got rather bored from tucking ourselves under blankets spamming movies in the living room. Thus, we planned a day-out from gluing our eyes onto smartphones & head to an indoor mall to unwind ourselves. But it's not just some mall you get to visit everyday, Mitsui Outlet Park was our destination! 35 minutes away from home, we get to invade on-sale branded shops & chomp on fancy food, sounds like a splendid 2-in-1 win.

A few of my favourite stores there are Nike, Superdry, Cotton On & Quicksilver. Well, to be frank, the ongoing sales there aren't exactly jaw-dropping or rarely found. Prices are still somewhat high after 50% discounts. And some shops like Converse lure me in with fetching banners but the price tags are totally same as the ones in luxurious malls. After violently flipping around clothes in various stores, I got myself a pair of patterned shorts from Levi's & a gray Nike SB snapback I fell in love with on first sight. It's impossible for me to understand how my mom managed to bring home numerous shopping bags when I couldn't even try on clothes after looking at them price tags. Eyyy.
Gray Nike SB Snapback - RM69
Levi's Patterned Shorts - RM79

Halfway thought our shopping adventure, we had our late lunch at M.A.D! (aka Modern Asian Diner). It's a fusion restaurant which design's inspired by bohemian & New York, serves a wide selection of Asian & Western eats & the best part for me, its exquisite modern plating. Like really, food that's plated to feed Instagram. Already impressed of its comfortable surrounding, we were served Penne Chicken Arrabiata (got it with Fettuccine instead), Rendang Lamb Shank, Grilled Chicken Chop & other stuff I either forgot or missed its camera moment. Mine was the pasta, it tasted so delicious but I wasn't exactly warned by its spicyness, causing my sore throat to stay a little longer (welp). The lamb was cooked to perfection, chicken chop just stood on the average line. The drink I ordered was a Caramel Macchiato Double, it was much more smoother than the Apple Caramel Latte I had at Coffeezzo the day before. We even called a Mango Cheesecake for dessert! Slightly above average pricing, but everything was worth it!
Front Counter.
Can this be called a chandelier too?
From top: Rendang Lamb Shank, Fettucine Chicken Arrabiata, Grilled Chicken Chop.
Creamy Caramel Macchiato Double.

Yup, how can you not say it's a satisfying outing? Is it weird that I miss the food more than I miss the shops full of trendy clothing? Probably why this second time visiting Mitsui Outlet Park was so much better than our first visit. Foooooood.

Stay safe hiding from the haze, guys!

Thanks for reading, Alanis xx.