Monday, 23 March 2015

Summer, the Husky

A day I would say sunny
I met a little Husky
He acted cute and funny
In a blink, we became buddies

I named him little Summer
It was when I met this hugger
No matter how cold was winter
He never fails to make me warmer

Who cares I own no friend
But a companion that allows a two-man-band
Summer rarely hides in his den
Whatever I do, he's my biggest fan

"Hey Summer, let's go out to play!"
The line I excitedly say everyday
I wonder why they couldn't see us bray
My parents say he's just my imaginative stray

Summer, Summer, please don't leave me soon
You kept me sane like Earth and Moon
Without you, my heart would lose its glee
So get me a husky, Summer it shall be.

Summer in the Autumn.

 - Inspired by my dream of having Summer -