Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Start of Music

“I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard.” 

Some of you should be familiar with this quote. It's from a book "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman. I haven't read the book yet, but its film was one of my favourite movies. Inspiring & life-reviving, Also reminds me of the start of my early music life. Contrary to Mia's though.

Parents want their kids to learn music because you know, musical kids are better in studies, blablabla and so on. Piano was the path my parents chose for me. I started learning when I was 5. As a kid I enjoyed it a lot, playing 'Do Re Mi' while reading those colourful scores filled with cute pictures. Beethoven Bear & Mozart Mouse was a part of my childhood. But soon I could feel it wasn't as enjoying as I thought. My parents want me to take ABRSM examinations so I could level up & be better. It's cool you know, improving your skills and all, but it felt wrong. Only allowed to play my examination songs & scales. I was forced to practice & practice for hours. 

It was lucky that I had guts as a kid. I told my parents about how I felt about the exams & told them to take it easy on me. But my piano class fees weren't cheap, so my parents can't afford to let me waste time playing songs I want. It soon became torture to me. I often cried on the way to piano class, screaming excuses to skip classes as I was never good enough for my teacher. I tried to not touch the piano whenever I can. Something I used to love became something I hate awfully. Life suck during that period of time, everything seemed to be falling apart.

Please Mia, don't make me write a song.

As predicted, in 2011, my parents stopped my piano classes as they don't want to force me doing something I hate. I felt like I could breathe again, being able to stop playing exam pieces.  At first I always distanced myself from the piano, then I started to cover pop songs we hear everyday on the radio. Play-by-ear is a talent I was born with, so covering songs are a piece of cake to me. I started a Youtube channel with my piano covers uploaded there. Things started to get better, smiles started to appear on me more.

Two years later, I'd decided to go back to piano classes to continue where I left off.  I'm going for ABRSM Grade 8 next, but this time I made a deal, saying that I'll enjoy the journey playing songs I want & also practicing for my upcoming exam. Till now, everything was going smoother than ever. My Youtube career's cool, 245 subs & growing fast, and my Grade 8 exam's in April 2015. 

In the end, I would say mistakes are made for a reason. Without stopping classes, I wouldn't find out what I could do with my play-by-ear talent. I wouldn't had started a Youtube channel, I wouldn't enjoy music the way I do now. I'm glad I never gave up on what my parents had chose for me & instead choose my dream instrument, which was the violin. Still, I'm getting one as soon as I pass my Grade 8 as it's the instrument I would die to master. You won't believe this but yup I learnt how I play the violin in 3 hours. 

Someday I'll be playing it like how Mia plays her Cello, throwing myself into the violin, playing my soul in the wild. Dreams.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Cookies For Sale!

Well since I'm not working before my trip to America, I decided to make a few bucks by selling homemade cookies to the neighbourhood. (I just can't stand not being productive while the peeps around me are killing it!)

Hand-coloured flyers with cookie monster!

I'm selling three flavours which are Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter & Coffee. Well I would recommend Peanut Butter as it's my family's favourite. (Yum yum in the tum) And it's only 4 bucks for 10 cookies! So why think about it? Just go ahead & send me that email!

Do take note that orders can only be placed from 17 November till 24 November. Delivery dates are 20 November to 26 November because I'll be flying at 28, sorry for the short time period! To order, just email your house address, type & amount of cookies, and the delivery date to pawslikeaboss@gmail.com and your fresh cookies will soon be dancing its way to your house! Way easier than ordering pizza.

Hope you'll pitch in your support & I promise to satisfy your tastebuds with my signature homemade cookies! :D

Weekend Break

Just gonna be a short one featuring how I sometime spend my weekends. :)

Previously my garden was in a small renovation to sprite up the view & finally, it's ready! So today my family & I decided to have our afternoon tea at our 'cafe corner' in the garden. Mom bought 2 slices of Secret Recipe's cakes & I spice things up with a few light tea snacks I usually make. Warm fuzzy family feels.

Creme Brulee Cheese & Chocolate Banana (Left)
Coffee biscotti & mocha chiffon bites (Right)

Feels great to have the weekend well spent with the family. ;)