Sunday, 30 August 2015

Early PewDiePie Likings!

Morning world! As a loyal fan of Pewds, I always have a few gameplays of his which I immensely love despite whether they were posted in the year 2010 or 2015. Stuck in my repeat album, why not I share some of them early ones with you all & you guys can go check out the fun! 10 would be a great number, I suppose.

1.  Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Insanely amusing with second degree burns & dark jokes, this one's definitely an all time favourite. And I'm assuming that you guys would know to pardon the 'crudeness' as umm hey, it's PewDiePie that you're watching, aites!

2. Keep Calm & Make Tea

This one... no words can be said without me choking laughter. Watch it for yourself & you'll understand why.

Don't worry, no spoilers will be spilled! In my words, this heartfelt gameplay stays in a puddle of paranomal happenings, drastic emotions, justice & actual life. More than 10 episodes, I bet you'll be staying up all night with popcorn & a tissue box to satisfy your addicted mind. It's just such an amazing game! Die hard fan of Ellen Page. xx

Similar to the tea one, I laughed my guts out when Pewdie's having a hard time. Best baking skills I'd ever witness!

If you read my previous blog post, you probably noticed something about the rain & the Origami Killer. Yup, this is what I'm referring to. Totally a must to check it out as it tackles your emotions too, tissue box required. All them feels.

6. Bully: Scholarship Edition

Another lengthy gameplay, this oldie hold a classic atmosphere which attracted Pewds to play it. Although it may seem boring to some people due to its early graphics & school-related storyline, I had a great time staying up for this as Pewdie's witty jokes & the way he plays it never fail to interest me.

"Why isn't this table moving? Argh umm don't even bother I swear I'm not a table." I rate this 11 out of 10 dolphins. Adding onto this humorous sequel, Minx was sooooo funny I just can't.

8. The Walking Dead

Entirely different from the TV series you heard about, this one stabs your heart with a heck of a storyline filled with emotions. Don't forget the gore too. You would love this if you love intense gameplays of survival with kids in it. To sum things up, Pewdiepie even cried at its ending.

Currently with 76 episodes, this is actually one of Pewdie's successful playlists most of his fans requested for! Bet you didn't expected a bike riding game to hit the top, eh? Sadly he slowed down on this simple game & now 'plays' his attention on the modern games such as GTA 5 & Infamous: Second Son.

10. The Last Of Us

Last but not least, here's one of the best games of 2013. The alive dead included, this game is glancing more at an unbreakable bond of the two main characters. Fancy the graphics, character movement & voice acting. It's tough to describe it without spoiling it though! Praying hard for part 2.

That's all for today, wishing you peeps a happy week of surprises!

See you soon, Alanis xx.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Absurd Thoughts

It's just eccentric. It's just funny. Can't say it's not me either. Weird dreams, out-of-topic mind bubbles, all them plain absurd thoughts. Merely possible for someone else to think like me.

Born with the looks of a female, entertains myself with Marvel action figures, yet I am attracted to men. Don't get started with the surrounding heartbeats, even I myself tearfully scratch my head with repeating words suffocating to free themselves.

What am I?

Dreadfully loathe high school studies, but understanding fail to meet its point when achieving an average grade without a single touch of books was bound as my piece of cake. Yes, some humans hate me for that as lies of flawless lies pressured them to do so. They never question as I never asked, fair enough for the bland society to live with. But in serious air, the code just never seem to crack its walnut shell. Inquires transformed into engraved letters, embracing the term 'vanquished'.

Flairs were overflowing the barrel for me. I own too much. Not all up to standards, neither one loses its tail. Do I enjoy them all? Not entirely. Yet the stars I'd die to catch threaten my joy with fear. Falling, broken bones, the overlooked ones that matter shivers me. A handstand sounds far-fetched enough, furthermore an Ollie I dream to master? Shattering trembles but without dead hope.

Gazing ashen towards where my eyes comfortably sit, messaging me whys even Google couldn't please. "Days umbrellas never nudge open" is my saying of dunno, I suppose. Hearing rain pour reminds me of an old video game, leading myself a drown into the intense storyline I shortly live. Desperate feels expressed for the Origami Killer.

So much absurdity happening while I hazard guesses on my history paper. Well, that was weird.

Monday, 24 August 2015


"Mom, what is that round flat stuff sitting beside the bacon?" the 4 year old me questioned with my index finger pointing at the menu.

"It's called a pancake. Just a waffle without its crisp, wanna give it a try?" Mom answered in milliseconds.

"Umm wookay." I blurted without a puff of faith towards my upcoming new dish.

And I was so wrong.

A mini bite into the fluffy piece of beauty drooled with never-insipid maple syrup literally killed me. Shot my heart with the world's best sniper rifle, resulting in time to take a break from living. My sheer mind began to shuffle them brain puzzles: What the actual mayhem is this new food discovery? Doesn't taste like cake, neither a pan (thought I would taste metal) but it's just oh so good. Definitely more. I need more, mom.

Since my first ever glorious experience with buttermilk pancakes from One Utama's Waffle World (doesn't make sense eh), pancakes always win the menu challenge. From breakfast to dinner, it was impossible for me to get sick of such a sugary treasure. One of my all time favourites are Blueberry Pancakes topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. Another favoured icy beauty crossing the heaven of fluffiness with a touch of sweet fruit, mind my words but what the actually heck? Is that even feasible? I just cannot even-gargh-it held me speechless for years.

What an allure.

Now you see, pancakes aren't just a source to keep us humans breathing, but an emotional inspiration that retain our souls from wilting into enmity. A warm serving of creamy flapjack never fails to enkindle my dilettante psyche from boredom. In short, it's a huge life saviour. Heartbroken? Cheer up with chocolate crepes. Poor grades? Forget life with Corned Beef hotcakes. Tummy ache? Fix that crap with Bacon Pancakes! I swear nothing gets worse after a magical wave from the pancake angel! Except for an undone one with raw batter in it. Eeek that one's a true nightmare from hell.

So whatcha waiting for? Ride over to your nearest brunch cafe & sink your fangs into a stack of comforting, buttery pancakes. Thank me later aites?


Dare me a #onewordessay in the comments below for more! - Alanis xx.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Draggy Week

Hey journal readers! How's the August week sliding on? Here's a diminutive update of my life. :)

Fooling around like the usual.

If you're wondering how's my moving headway, I'm currently snoozing in the central of drugging myself with harsh espresso shots & picking up the massive stash of actuality I long left at the corner of my eye. No worries, things are for sure much better than the motionless past! Halts to the keen silver inflictions & theatrical events (nah just distancing myself from them shit) but it's mission impossible to have emotions stop dragging me transitorily off road. The common anxiety, fretting over tiny matters, card stacking cases and more aren't competent enough to kill but narcotise. Whining's not my thing, guess I'm just gonna work on surpassing them negativism.

As luck would have it, SPM trials just got postponed to next week. Wouldn't say it makes a difference though as studying's barely an action I execute in existence. The enjoyable part is that I get to chill at either Starbucks or Doi Chaang Coffee at least twice a week! Welp don't expect much - my financial status only permits me to get the most inexpensive beverage in both cafes. (Classic Americano or my favourite Mint Blend tea) Starbucks I head when I crave for scrumptious sides such as a salted caramel cheesecake, or Doi Chaang when I demand for a hushed exquisite atmosphere. Nevertheless, both of these upscale eateries are scorching a hole in my wallet. Hmm feel free to treat me an afternoon tea; would love to have some company!

Captain America + Starbucks = Caffeine Blast!

Hope you had an interesting time reading this summary post & I'll see you all soon!

Cheers, Alanis xx.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Michelle a.k.a. Awkwardos

First glare sent me a quiet kitten
The one who studies hard all autumn
Stunned to bits with my wrong judgement
As she's quite a hipster, never a roman

Random phrases she habitually pops
Trying to make sure the fun never stops
Cute stuff and cats steal her tops
Nugget_Pancake and tons of lolipops

Brofist our way to 'Balalalala'
Bubba Babbu's I to her awesome mama
I suppose we're fated as awkward fellas
Somehow she reminds me of the husky, Mishka

Toothsome craving often we share
Yes, food's a priority only both of us bear
She's one in a million who plays the games fair
A really great friend I would refer too rare

Remember you handed me a meaningful letter?
In case you didn't know, it smiled me like Mad Hatter
Sorry this poem could be done so much better
Hope you love it, you crazy mustache mister!

Awkwardos - Gauche buddies! ;P

- Inspired by the infinite-years-classmate // Big Hero 6 fanmate! -

Monday, 10 August 2015

Coffee Brunch

Finally a Monday without brain-rotting school & the habitual blues - Hello there!

Due to the yesterday's run, today's class in school is off! (can't describe how blithe I'm feeling right now) Of course I granted myself a skip of gym plans although I'm feeling totally at ease, and I also entreated my mom for a day out before the SPM trials season violently melts my soul into bits.


Well, as luck would have it, my tiny wish was granted - my family decided to have some fancy brunch in a classic cafe named "Doi Chaang Coffee"! My first time having a meal here, I was very dazzled by its upscale but casual atmosphere. Sounds like I fell in love in this cozy cafe. From its clipboard menu I dotted a steaming Americano & a plate of Fettucine Sesame Seed for my growling belly. Not long later the coffee & tasty-looking chow arrived, I impatiently dug my fangs into the creamy pasta. Ah, tastebuds began to dance their way to heaven.

Coffee wakes my peaceful morning.

Love its cozy environment.

Fettucine Sesame Seed.

New American (mom's order).

Finishing touch - Slice of New York Cheese.

Conclusion - the food here won my heart although it was sort of pricey. When I meet a U-turn soon, its Jamaican Chicken sandwich's on my 'next-to-chomp' list. Not to forget, it's a cool place to hang out with the buddies too!


See you soon!
Cheers, Alanis xx.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Seafield's Rainbow Run

What's up internet users! (wow what a techy way to address you people)

How would I describe today, you ask? It was a morning of fitness contentment & some breathing difficulties. As what you spot from this blog's title, today I participated in my school's fundraising event - Rainbow Run 2015! Well, don't be confused, it's just an eerie name of the typical colour runs that are hosted everywhere nowadays. Turned out to be such a blast!

Exceptionally, competence & vigor are both prime concerns in any type of runs I participate (including the ones that award medals to people who crawl their way to the finish line), due to that adage I took the run solemnly & completed the 5K run in 34.32 minutes. Peculiarly, my Nike Running app tracked 6.58km which snapped me a little during the run. Admitting it's not really the best pace I could had done, but it was quite a satisfaction that I managed to maintain speed all the way to the finish line.

Did I mentioned 'breathing difficulties'? Ah that was because the colour powder was fluffing everywhere I had to hold my breath whenever I reached a colour station. Imagine yourself closing the ending line with your Galaxy Note 3 being entirely coated in purple & yellow dust. Scared the heck out of me.

The perfect photobomb.

Buddy tag!

The typical selfie?

One of my favourite shots. <3

With some amazing juniors! :)

Finisher Medal & Certificate.

Was an exciting & tiring day indeed! Looking forward to more runs in the future (preferably atypical ones) and a promise to myself to witness improvement in pace. Most importantly hoping that my running buddies are forever rebelling air friction by my side.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Alanis xx.

Monday, 3 August 2015


Stunning performance steals the show
Wreck them shades with standards never low
Cool's the word yet chill's a no
All tackle's red, the colour without cold

Taylor Swift's album grabbed its fame
Fiery as heck unleashed no shame
Red's a scene no one would say lame
A splash so wild it turns on the A game

The pallet I favourite shines and captures
Bagpack, watches, painted with texture
Once I dreamt a puppy with red fur
Barking around like warrior of the year

People say red's the violence of blood
I agree not as it's tears of innocence
Grasps for its last breath stories the brave
As red was never the wall of a cave

Daring-like glory fought for world's peace
Drawing its power from the red flag in mist
Respect such colour as it challenges risks
Also not forgetting the love of a kiss.


- Inspired by my favourite colour. -

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Theater & Omnom

Hi fellow humans! Hooray for the weekends!

Today was a day of contentment, I would say. Got myself a date with Tom Cruise in the cinema this evening before diving into flavourful sticky bones & mocktails for dinner. What a craze! Futhermore, everything was unexpectedly scheduled in the morning which made it all so exhilarating to savor!

Anyways, Rogue Nation was breathtaking. Goddamit it was so beautifully done. Tom Cruise & Simon Pegg sort of stole my heart away (sorry). Also, after deeply thinking about it, I feel so bad for the luckless man who once had his security card in slot 108. Best of luck, mate.

How can I stand such a gorgeous look? #dies

Benji (Simon Pegg) - Perfect Comedic Foil

Later that, my family & I drove ourselves to Empire Shopping Gallery for a fulfilling dinner at Morganfield's. Surprisingly, the mocktail 'Begonia' earned its place in my favourites as I really enjoy the sparkle of fruits & fizz. The ribs were kind of overdone though, I prefer the one back in Pavillion KL. Other than that it was all scrumptiously good!

Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs.

Begonia (Mocktail Favourite!)

Smokin' Duck Salad.

Bacon Wrapped Meat Balls.

Chili Loco Tacos.

Oh gosh I soberly can't wait for Mission: Impossible 6. See you peeps (and Tom Cruise) soon!

Huge wishes to a fun weekend, Alanis xx.