Thursday, 30 October 2014

Back To Comics

Few days ago I have no idea why, but I started to think about my future, my careers & grown up stuff. Weird. And I look at my friends, most of them had their future perfectly planned, their grades are terribly good & all. Me? Sitting on the couch all day, snacking snicker bars & stuck myself with my macbook, not even knowing what am I searching for. Yup I needa go get Mr. Productivity back.

When I was in my first year in high school, I drew & sold comics to my friends. Unexpectedly it was a great hit, I earned 150 bucks for each episode (I sold 3). Suddenly I got bored of it & I stopped, even leaving a 'to be continued' story from episode 3 in the middle of nowhere. Sorry to those who waited!

Well, I'm now starting to draw them again (Yayyyy) but this time it's gonna be a little different. Ditching the long kiddy fantasy tales, I heading for short comics. You know, the four-boxes-kind-of type. It took some time for inspirations to get to me, but surprisingly it's doing fine so far. :)

Unfinished comics with sketches.

Finished comics!

My draft book (I bring it with me wherever I go so I won't miss the chance when inspiration hits me!)

So that's basically how my comics are done. It's definitely time-consuming, but seeing the outcome of it is one of the best feelings ever! After I finished quite a number of them I'll start selling them again, hoping for the best! Comment if you want the comics posted here, no worries I'm fine by that! (Depends on the amount of demands I receive) :P

Monday, 27 October 2014


So much are bothering me these days, but the one that bothers me most are my cravings for treats & desserts (after not having them for MONTHS). Cool sharing some with you guys?

Most of the time I crave for ice cream, and I have no idea why, but it's always Mcdonald's Oreo Mcflurry. Like, come on man, I see Mcdonald's almost everywhere I go, how to resist my tastebuds from dragging me towards it? Well I guess you would already know how it turned out. Few days ago I ended up slurping 2 Oreo Mcflurries & a Chocolate Sundae. Yay me.

Other hard times occur in the grocery store (yeah why not, it's filled with FOOD). Especially during this period, my family's favourite grocery store is having an American Country Fair & a Halloween Fair. Yup it's halloween fair, everywhere is piled up with imported candies. I tried so hard to not look at the candy aisle, but I accidentally peeped & saw heaven - Peanut Butter M&Ms. 

I ended up buying the pretzel one because it has less fat then the PBs. Wooh.

I also bought a huge chewy bar that tempted my dad & I. It's called Big Hunk, never saw it before. We promised to keep it for Christmas, but seeing it every time I opened the fridge ain't securing that deal.

Yup, this post kinda concludes that I have a really bad sweet tooth. What are your favourite cravings? It would be glad to know that I'm not the only one who craves for Oreo Mcflurries or M&Ms, do share your cravings with me! Excite me with foooood. ;)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lost & Gone

What would you do if you found out the one thing you loved so much you committed years for it and suddenly, you lost all the passion for it just because of one incident that changed everything?

I didn't had a choice but to give it up for something much more important, but now watching my friends continue to achieve one of my biggest dreams, it breaks me so hard I isolate myself from the society. Once a crazy wild girl then turned into this quiet insecure kid. People noticed and asked, but nothing seemed able to repair my lost soul anymore.

My life sort of tumbled downhill, my bad for not waking up, but I didn't want to. Then ana got to me, I don't even care about exams I skipped most of it, spent most of the time in my room staring blankly at the ceiling. If people ask me out I would deny no matter how exciting it sounds, I just couldn't feel the meaning of life anymore.

Looking at the mirror, it's not me I see, but someone else who's hiding me beneath it.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Dreams Upon The Sky

When I was a kid, I used to think that stars are dreams floating above the skies. When a dream is achieved, a star blinks & disappears. I don't know where I got this idea about stars, but it was in my head all the time.

Hey there! The name's Alanis, 16 & screwing up my first blog with my weird attraction to stars. Yup I love stars, cuz they are the ones who kept me company when I was a kid. Every night I couldn't sleep, I would look out the window, amaze my eyes with the millions of stars that covered the deep dark sky. For some reason I feel inspired by their uniqueness, it makes me feel less alone.

Not what you expected, I'm just a tiny insecure kid hiding in the shadows, kinda living in my own world, trying to work things out myself. Ain't that popular kid or that smart ass who aces every test, but just that lone kid. But somehow I'm pretty cool with things I'm good at. Music, drawing, stuff like that, and that makes me not that "hidden" after all. Interesting personality, I would say.

So why I started a blog? Was finding a place to hammer down my feelings that are hard to be said, also a place to jot down interesting chapters about my life. Well I hope it'll be an amazing journey, also hoping to get different opinions from you guys out there. A warm new beginning to me. :)

"There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars." - John Green