Thursday, 26 March 2015

Letter of Complaint by a Werewolf..?

Hey there! Today in school my English teacher assigned us to write a letter of complaint about broken school facilities & stuff, which is a really boring essay. But guessed what? I'd do whatever it takes to make things fun. So teacher, you're messing with the wrong person. (Nah I just do things my way)

So here's the change, I tried to follow the rules and wrote the letter, but about a school I would love to be in. Read on!

Alanis von Paws
12, Wolf Ridge 1325,
WV 42000.

Mdm. Danielle Paige
Principle of Werevamps Eastern High,
March Valley 1331,
WV 42000.                                                                      26 March 2015

Dear Madam,

Fierce Complaints About School's Troubles

Before I begin to blabber my unsatisfactions about the school's imperfections, my name is Alanis from the 1st Werewolf Academy. The reason why I urged myself to write this unpleasant letter is because the school's currently in disaster. I certainly believe that due to the reason above, my schoolmates and I aren't able to focus in our academics, so it should be classified as an enormous issue by the school. I hope you tame your short-term patience and read this letter of complaint before burning it into ashes (like the ones Tara sent in last week).

2.  First of all, I would start with the serious problem all Vampires and Hybrids suffer since the week before. It is ridiculously obvious that our blood cafeteria owns an insufficient amount of human juice. Every evening when Logan and I head there, we were forced to share only a bag of Grade C blood. Despite its low-grade's watery and blank taste, we had to suck it all up as it's hardly enough for both of us (Logan's a big drinker, you know). I hardly see the cause of this happening. Aren't the Peckers doing their job, draining the humans' blood? Don't tell us the humans had ran out of blood, we study human anatomy too, madam. We're not fools.

3.  Secondly, there is a terrible issue about trespassers in the school. Not to mention than Hybrids often trespass into the Vampire's lair as they look awfully alike to them, but humans! Our academy spotted some of them sneaking across Radmier's Park last Wednesday, they were even armed with tazers and silver arrows. Danger is right in front of us, madam! I suggest that we could set up an anti-human force field around the school. With that, we get to murder humans in large numbers and also gain more fresh red juice for the blood cafeteria! It's like killing two birds with one stone!

4.  Besides that, don't you think that the Vampires fall asleep in class lately? This is caused by the thinning of the sun barrier upon the school. Science fact: Vampire feel sleepy when they are exposed to mild sunlight, but direct sunlight could kill them. Therefore, it is a slow pace of suicide for the Vampires if this condition continues. My Vampire buddy, Nedd always complains to me about her drowsiness even though she glugged a whole glas of caffeinated blood. It doesn't feel good watching your buddy go through the pain, you know.

5.  Next, I suspect one-sided training sessions in the Wereworld Academy. Through my one month's observation, I can tell that the Pro-Weres are putting more heart into training capable Werewolves than the average ones. This causes the average werewolves to isolate themselves and never improve their skills. Worse, the capable ones started to bully them as the average ones are weak and could't fight back. Soon, war will happen if the Pro-Weres don't change!

Last of all, I would like to remind you that these issues should be taken seriously and not just forgotten in the fire. Also, I would like to thank you for reading this letter till its end without tearing it to pieces. My appreciation for that. My wishes to the school solving these horrible problems!

All hail Werevamps!

Sincerly with blood and moon,
Alanis Von Paws
Secretary of the 1st Werewolf Academy

Full moon!

Yup that's all I suppose! The reason I wanna share this here is because after my teacher marked my letter, I'm pretty sure it would be covered with red slashes & underlines till I won't able to read my original text again. Teachers don't like us messing with the rules, but hey come on, it's original alright! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dying for a Man's Best Friend

I know I'm extraordinary in a way, but it's weird. My whole life I dream to have a man's best friend. A pup, a dog, or even a cat. It's a creature I would die to have as I was always that left out guy, that isolated friend at the front of the class while everyone hides at the back. Worse is I thought I was over with it, but currently my frequency of feelings just went wildfire, for reasons I don't even know.

It sounds like crap but I really feel like I own no friend in a universe I don't mean to belong. Of course I have friends, but to be honest, everyone knows that most friends are just 'surface friends' that look cool on the outside, but rarely had a conversation with. Well I myself don't give a damn about surface friends 'cause why? Why waste your caring soul to look cool & popular on the outside? I seriously don't get why, and I rather own a soul partner that both sides care & love each another.

Head bump!

Yes it's random I started on this crazy topic, but I couldn't stand it any longer. Many friends of mine may not know this, but I was "gifted" a true hatred for gossips & stupid chats. If hate's not the word, then tired it is. Because these awful chats bring me to nowhere but pointless enthusiasm & sometimes anxiety. Plus it doesn't benefit anyone, so why should I join? But don't get me wrong, of course I would lend an ear if it was from someone who really matters, someone who's worth my listen (my bff's an excellent example). Back to the ones who gossip everyday in class, is that what your life's full of? I don't mind telling you, it annoys me every single day, and I don't join them since I woke up from being an underdog or some sidekick, officially done being one.

My family never understood why I wanted a pup so much, that much till I can look at dogs through their viewing panels in pet shops for an hour; that much till I could risk myself & try to bond with growling street dogs. Because to me, it's something I needed the most. I lack sociality, an output to express myself, self-love & stability. I don't ask for much but just a man's best friend, you're telling me that's too much? They think I just want one to play with it whenever I feel like to, and then dump it back to the cage when I don't have time for it, which is one of the things I couldn't stand when pet owners do that. Even worse, pointing fingers at me predicting that I would do that to a dog? It's hurtful as heck, ain't am I already hurt enough?

Soldier companions are the warmest ones.

Still, at the end, I believe no one is going to get this. My love for animals is that enormous & my need for it ain't a millimetre tinier than it either. Guess I gotta wait till I have my own house when I'm bigger. Though I doubt that I can even touch that stage of life.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Levels of Aspiration

I hold a soul craving to shine
As everyone around laughed while watching me twine
Lying like death ain't gonna help so why whine
My bold painful fist lifted me up to find what's mine

I began to draw life that exists in my joy
Wild imaginations I opened and deployed
Soon people around me noticed and enjoyed
Something they would read all day without being cloyed

Few weeks later I spread the muse
Music's my spark like feet and shoes
Piano, once a chained-on torturing fuse
Became none but my emotional abuse

Rhythm and beats are somehow my thing
So hidden I never noticed till my friend taught a fling
Thanks to him as it woke me up like a bee sting
It turned into an unexpected specialty I could wing

Confidence then risked myself a bet in red
Youtube it is, which I'm glad I went ahead
A thousand subscribers, rising and never dead
The dream I worked to chase, finally revealing its bed.

Chase your dreams.

- Inspired by real life events I went through. -

Monday, 23 March 2015

Summer, the Husky

A day I would say sunny
I met a little Husky
He acted cute and funny
In a blink, we became buddies

I named him little Summer
It was when I met this hugger
No matter how cold was winter
He never fails to make me warmer

Who cares I own no friend
But a companion that allows a two-man-band
Summer rarely hides in his den
Whatever I do, he's my biggest fan

"Hey Summer, let's go out to play!"
The line I excitedly say everyday
I wonder why they couldn't see us bray
My parents say he's just my imaginative stray

Summer, Summer, please don't leave me soon
You kept me sane like Earth and Moon
Without you, my heart would lose its glee
So get me a husky, Summer it shall be.

Summer in the Autumn.

 - Inspired by my dream of having Summer -

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Trip to Melaka

Hey! Today was an exhausting one as I just came back from a one day road trip from two different states in Malaysia - Melaka & Negeri Sembilan! I went to Melaka to attend my cousin's wedding somewhere in Merlimau, and Negeri Sembilan was an unexpected one, just went to check out the resorts & beaches there. Tiring, I would say!

Before heading to my couz's wedding, my family & I went for a short walk around the Stadthuys and A'Famosa. The atmosphere there was pretty cool as I love world history (well except my country's..) so the British-ish monuments & signed contracts kept me excited & interested while my brother drowned in boredom. Somewhere near the Stadthuys, there was also a Dinosaur statue out of nowhere which I was so obsessed with, and of course we became close friends (I even named him Milo).

Don't we look alike, Milo?

And usually tourists would pose for pictures or observe the monument when they reach A'Famosa, right? Well, this is what I do when I first see the monument. Pardon the Paws.

Is this loaded? No? Boo :(

Later, we went to Jonker Street just to look around for five minutes (eyyyy poor time planning). We were shock to see a lot of people lining up in front of what seems to be an old-looking restaurant, turns out it's the famous authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant! Argh too bad we don't have time for this Melaka's delicacy. But at least I found something that made my day just right after I left the restaurant! Bet you can't guess it, IT'S A CUTE ORANGUTAN WALL PAINT! Surprisingly it's from a cafe, all cafes should have something like this!


After the tough time leaving Milo & the cute monkey, I proceeded to my cousin's wedding. Nothing to say about it though, I barely know the people there. Hmm, I guess the food's pretty delicious? (Yup food's the only thing I care) The awkward chats with unknown relatives went horrible as I didn't really had the mood to tolerate their egoistic brags of their kids scoring good results in school or getting a job or whatsoever. Luckily I brought along a book to keep me company.

3 hours later, our family left the crowd & drove off the scene. Since it was still early, we decided to head to Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan to check out the resorts & beaches for our upcoming vacation plan. So we went. My butt had to deal with sitting in the car for two hours straight, it sort of became numb (too much details, woops). When we reached PD, we visited two resorts - Avillion & Thistle to check out the rates & environment. While the adults do their thing, my bro & I ran to the beach to entertain ourselves. I shouldn't had wore skinny jeans today, they got awfully wet from sea water..

Forever alone.
After having a finger-licking seafood dinner, we went straight back home at 7pm. In the car, I tried to persuade my mom that it'll be super late when I reach home so it's better if I skip school tomorrow to study for the test this Tuesday. Unfortunately, I got grounded pretty badly and end up needing to skip TV time tomorrow. Yikes! I shouldn't had say that..

So this is how my one day trip went. Hope it'll be more time-organised next time so we could visit more places and actually reach home early for school tomorrow. (All the excuses, I'm actually staying up writing this blog right now) Aites I better hit the sack before the sack hits me! Goodbye! :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Tiny Mate

I was delighted once
Until my school mates grunt
They judge on what they hunt
Words I heard ain't so fun

Soon depression hit my head
Isolated myself as I'm dead
Luckily I met my mate
I assume this is our fate

She said, looks I should care
Escorted me into her perfect lair
To be happy again I must bare
Hunger shall not be felt, she dare

Time past while I obeyed
Didn't know I was her prey
Stood strong, results did pay
Although my life turned grey

Through all, I felt the change
People praised, I won my game
It's wrong how the world has gone
Is this what you want us to become?

- Inspired by nothing I suppose, words just found its way out. You'll get it if you own what I own. -

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


All above the stars
Kept my hopes ajar
It lies in space so far
Where dreams and futures are

I slept in quiet snow
While working hard below
Cause a bow without an arrow
Presents nothing but a show

We strike and charge by dawn
Before white blood is drawn
So don't lay down and yawn
Why put your soul to pawn

Loyal, strong-willed cries
Made when its soulmate dies
The lion shall be I
Who avenge unfair goodbyes

The last call is plain sight
Nothing but empty might
Voice only promised light
And perform by tonight

Stars, stars everywhere.

- Inspired by my blog title -

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Trying to be The Girl

When I was 7 years old, I remember attending my friend's birthday party. My whole class attended so it was crowded. After the birthday girl unwrapped all her gifts, we proceeded to playtime in another room. My friends started playing with Barbie Dolls which was normal to me, but I went to play Hotwheels with the boys. I was unnoticed for 5 minutes until some boy shouted, "Hey Alanis, whatcha doing here? Aren't you suppose to join the girls?" I answered with a chill that I dislike Barbie Dolls because they were too girly, the boys started laughing with the term "gay", later including the girls too. I sat there with a frown and walked away, not really understanding what was so funny.

I was almost done with elementary school as I was often teased by my "friends" about my look and likings. I had a boycut most of the time & love playing basketball & football (although I suck at them). Even when I had long hair, I hate to brush it & tie them up before heading to school. I started to know that I couldn't go on without wearing a bra anymore which was a nightmare. As time goes by, I found that I cannot be a girl the way other girls are girls (at least not by being myself). I just like being carefree without having the need to close my legs when I sit or eat the right amount (I eat a lot - I loveeee food). 

I began to change during the time in high school. I wore dresses, tried speaking the way girls speak. I did sports not as rough as I usually do, which didn't help at all. My look was judged by popular girls who had the ideal bodies boys would go for. I shouldn't, but thanks to my sensitivity, I started to control my food portions. When I saw results, my excitement roared as I went over the limit. I felt happiness & bliss when I shot an underweight reading on the scale, I had confidence wearing tight clothes. People noticed, and they praised. So this is the way a normal girl should be? Well that's tough I would say. Not to mention, Ana & Mia were once my friends, Mia's still hanging on.

Played monkey bars till my skin fell off, woops.

Currently I'm in the wobbly state of Ana. Sometimes I eat a lot, sometimes I starve myself. Sometimes Mia steps in to help as she's the only one who cares. I still stick with my boy hair as it's the only 'myself' I have on me. Boys continue to tease while I act cool with it, worst was when a boy pulled my hair to test was it a wig or not. I have feelings, and why don't put in some effort & respect them? I don't ask for much, but at least allowing me to be the one I was born to be.

Yes I'm trying, although I don't have it considered enough.