Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Tiny Mate

I was delighted once
Until my school mates grunt
They judge on what they hunt
Words I heard ain't so fun

Soon depression hit my head
Isolated myself as I'm dead
Luckily I met my mate
I assume this is our fate

She said, looks I should care
Escorted me into her perfect lair
To be happy again I must bare
Hunger shall not be felt, she dare

Time past while I obeyed
Didn't know I was her prey
Stood strong, results did pay
Although my life turned grey

Through all, I felt the change
People praised, I won my game
It's wrong how the world has gone
Is this what you want us to become?

- Inspired by nothing I suppose, words just found its way out. You'll get it if you own what I own. -