Tuesday, 28 July 2015

BuBu is Back!

Hellooooo universe. Here's an enthusiastic announcement!

Guess what? The comics I used to publish since I was 13 are back! This time it's going to be a little different; instead of extended stories, BuBuComic 4 is packed with witty comic strips! And trust me, there's a whole lot improvement compared to the first three hits, no more jejune storylines & messy squares all over the place. Everything is first drafted & precisely drawn by hand, quality's definitely the prime concern for you peeps!

Cover page!

A tiny little sneak peek?

Back Cover Page!

Only RM3 per copy, whatcha waiting for? Grab one now as they are limited to only 100 copies! (64/100 sold) You can place them orders at the comment section below or pm me through Facebook for more inquiries. My apologies as currently it's only being sold in Malaysia but I may consider to sell it out of the country if I receive huge responses from you guys! So despite living few thousand miles away from me, do let me know if you're interested in getting a copy so I could keenly consider. It would mean so much to me if you peeps can also promote it to your fellow friends & family too! Thanks for the support yup!

Have a great week & I'll see you soon!

Alanis xx.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Young Millionaires

Hey peeps! How did the week went? Ah it felt like months to me, but the weekend was great!

So I had just attended a 2 day 'Young Millionaire' course hosted by the best selling author Dato' Joey Yap. Hmm how did it went you ask? I would say that it was best Saturday I invested my time & money in. Not just I got myself inspired much, but it sort of woke me up in many ways. An alarm reminder I needed since I own a dream.

Throughout the course, I slowly realised that I'm a kid who owns many talents & skills, but I'm just lying on my beanbag waiting for them talents to shine on its own. Not just waiting, but the platform for the shining process is not even present. Yup I definitely am growing my YouTube channel by shovelling them talents there, but currently it only acts as an ordinary hobby that wouldn't get me anywhere if I only continue to just post content whenever I caught myself in boredom. Addition to that, it's freaking YouTube & Blogger, man. How high are the chances I could succeed in making a life being a YouTuber if I just post instrumental covers & animations like most people around me do better? Want to become a Young Millionaire, Alanis? Then I gotta start working on the extraordinary.

Dato' Joey Yap's life story was pretty cool too. Able to make huge bucks in the college/uni years was awe-inspiring enough for me, kinda reminds me of making a few hundreds out of selling comics during my early high school life. What a fun time it was. Speaking bout them comics, I should probably publish the new one sitting on my desk, still raw & jumbled in order if I desire compel to begin my path to becoming a YM.

Nope, don't you dare question me about SPM. Screw that shit.

Snapshot with Dato' Joey Yap :)

Saturday invested well.

Lastly, thank you lots to Dato' Joey Yap for hosting such a motivating & enkindling programme! All the best in life & enjoy doing the stuff you love.

Cheers, Alanis xx.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mini Holiday Haul

Huge hello to you all fellow blog readers! It's been a long time, ain't it?

During the short period of hols, I actually spent more time than I expected rotting in my tiny dusty room than stepping out of the door, exploring the unseen spaces around me. Blaming it on my empty pockets (sobs). Does spamming 'Crossy Road' on my phone counts as productivity? If so, my holidays are supremely prolific.

Speaking bout 'Crossy Road', why the heck can't I win Pew Die Pug? #FanOfPewds

Well, mind all that negativity going on there, fortunately there are a few days where I get to stroll around the nearby malls just to satisfy my yearning eyes. It was cool, my cravings were pleased with a few bites of everything (what even) and I manage to get myself two little fashion needs!

Presenting you item number 1, here's a broad fit tee I got from F.O.S for only around $5. Would say that it's pretty 'ladylike' for a person like me.

'Wild Hears Can't Be Broken'

Second's an adorable purse walled with contrasting cats. I repeat, CATS. How can I not resist buying this billfold of overload kitty-ness? Got it for $13 from a street shop nearby the area.

Echoes of meows (=^‥^=)

Sorry I can't stop with the meows ヾ(=゚・゚=)ノ

If you peeps find this kind of post in your interest, let me know by leaving your comments below & I'll definitely write more for you guys aites! (also as an excuse to grab me more fashion needs heh) Feel free to comment for improvements too hey!

Wishing you all a fantastic back-to-school week!

Alanis xx.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Desuetude of Friendship

Alright here's the thing, I personally was a kid who believes that without friends by my side, I would go insane being alone (I mean too alone, alone is cool). Well, that thought was one of my first primacies years ago. Guessed it or not, there's always something that snapped, changing my perspective towards the fellow earthlings surrounding me. I would say that the fondness towards my friends changed for good (mostly) as I currently rarely deal with amity dramas that may cause tearful nights & 'I-don't-wanna-go-to-school" days.

If you're wondering what happened, nah I ain't telling you as I have readers who are involved in that awful incident (although I really do own the intention to slap the truth & honest thoughts into their faces so they would bear with guilt forever).

In these few weeks, I'd been experiencing touchy issues regarding friendship which are exhausting to care for. I don't know how to explain, but tiring's the word for it. Imagine if you're already not a friendship kind of person, you're not exactly sensitive to the emotions of your friends, but they kept bugging you, spilling emo thoughts hoping you could dive into their hardship, taking bullets for them. That's what I'm currently experiencing, and trust me, it's not fun being Superman at all. It's like I'm already carrying loads of shit to agonise about, and someone's trying to pull me into their well of darkness. Yes, I'm a caring person (sometimes I care too much), but I'm done with putting myself into people's problems when I already own enough.

To me, not caring much is a piece of cake (sounds evil heh), but drawing myself out of the trouble zone is a pain in the ass. I can't just say "Hey shut it with your problems man, keep them to yourself & rot", eh? Especially when I'm soft-hearted deep inside, it's a tough provocation for me to just leave a friend at the sidewalk, watching him/her wordlessly calling for help while lying lifelessly waiting for the sight of light. Yup what a hysterical rendition, but it's as literally felt as written. Of course, I gave in & fired blind chances to someone who once mattered to me, instead I got tugged multiple times into her dramatic incident, causing myself to revel 'sobful' months. Very not cool experience.


Humans close to me (except Nedd) may not understand this ineffable harsh side of me, but this's how I truly execute life, how I try to keep the air around me breathable, how I could comfortably accept my doings. A raucous cutback of allies would highly occur, but it's how I roll. 'Cause why throw yourself into other deadfalls when you yourself can't even crawl out of your own trap?

Have a great weekend,

Alanis xx.

Random Selfies of Life

"Capture the moments of life as you can't stop time but freeze a frame with you forever." - Me.

Tuition Shot with the Bestie. <3

How I look when I'm taking a selfie. (Horrid)

Another tuition shot with Nedd!

The typical 'fitting room selfie'.

MTV World Stage 2014's BFF selfie!

Yup in case you didn't realise, I'm a Scout!
'Before my Pixie Cut' Selfie. Welp.

'Gotta take a pic with the trees', said my quirky mind.

Finally, a Gif to spice things up a little (or not). :)

Hope you had an amazing start of July! 

Alanis xx.