Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lost in Fire

Waking up by the whiff of smoke
First sight's orange blaze with no sign of joke
A blink of an eye, I laid on bed awoke
Surrounded with white, my life seemed revoked

Lost both my guardians, I grew into stray
Playing with street pups's my lonely parfait
Lazy I'm not, as I toil in a cafe
Understanding one day, my luck may decay

Sometimes I wonder who I truly am
Bullied since five but failed to throw a damn
Tears often present, finding my life a sham
Soul possessedly riding on a downhill tram

One luckless day I met this tall guy
Tempted me with candy, hidden his sly
Tagging along to the alley nearby
A terrifying affair occurred, impossible to defy

Today I lie on the sidewalk as a trier
Head stuffed with thoughts & feelings so dire
Expecting death soon, covered with pyre
All I'll remember are the ones I lost in fire.

Aflame thoughts.

- Inspired by the boldness of living fire, its aliveness that's able to thieve true love.
  Here's my first narrative poem! What a fate the persona owns. -