Monday, 28 September 2015

Mitsui Outlet Park & MAD!

Bonjour! Here's another holiday throwback - let's all rewind time to last Thursday's outing!

Since the weather was terribly hazy during the holidays, the family & I got rather bored from tucking ourselves under blankets spamming movies in the living room. Thus, we planned a day-out from gluing our eyes onto smartphones & head to an indoor mall to unwind ourselves. But it's not just some mall you get to visit everyday, Mitsui Outlet Park was our destination! 35 minutes away from home, we get to invade on-sale branded shops & chomp on fancy food, sounds like a splendid 2-in-1 win.

A few of my favourite stores there are Nike, Superdry, Cotton On & Quicksilver. Well, to be frank, the ongoing sales there aren't exactly jaw-dropping or rarely found. Prices are still somewhat high after 50% discounts. And some shops like Converse lure me in with fetching banners but the price tags are totally same as the ones in luxurious malls. After violently flipping around clothes in various stores, I got myself a pair of patterned shorts from Levi's & a gray Nike SB snapback I fell in love with on first sight. It's impossible for me to understand how my mom managed to bring home numerous shopping bags when I couldn't even try on clothes after looking at them price tags. Eyyy.
Gray Nike SB Snapback - RM69
Levi's Patterned Shorts - RM79

Halfway thought our shopping adventure, we had our late lunch at M.A.D! (aka Modern Asian Diner). It's a fusion restaurant which design's inspired by bohemian & New York, serves a wide selection of Asian & Western eats & the best part for me, its exquisite modern plating. Like really, food that's plated to feed Instagram. Already impressed of its comfortable surrounding, we were served Penne Chicken Arrabiata (got it with Fettuccine instead), Rendang Lamb Shank, Grilled Chicken Chop & other stuff I either forgot or missed its camera moment. Mine was the pasta, it tasted so delicious but I wasn't exactly warned by its spicyness, causing my sore throat to stay a little longer (welp). The lamb was cooked to perfection, chicken chop just stood on the average line. The drink I ordered was a Caramel Macchiato Double, it was much more smoother than the Apple Caramel Latte I had at Coffeezzo the day before. We even called a Mango Cheesecake for dessert! Slightly above average pricing, but everything was worth it!
Front Counter.
Can this be called a chandelier too?
From top: Rendang Lamb Shank, Fettucine Chicken Arrabiata, Grilled Chicken Chop.
Creamy Caramel Macchiato Double.

Yup, how can you not say it's a satisfying outing? Is it weird that I miss the food more than I miss the shops full of trendy clothing? Probably why this second time visiting Mitsui Outlet Park was so much better than our first visit. Foooooood.

Stay safe hiding from the haze, guys!

Thanks for reading, Alanis xx.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Coffeezzo Wednesday

Evening to the lovely people out there! Sorry for not blogging for a while, the holidays are stuffing up my schedule like Thanksgiving turkey (examples are sleeping & snacking). There were loads of captivating times throughout the week, and I shall scribble them in words of my expression then publish them here bit by bit!

Last Wednesday, we (the fam) craved for something new yet sips of simple joe to enjoy our afternoon teatime. Since we got bored from shopping Main Place with our hands empty, the coffee house situated few steps away caught our eyes. It owns the modish name of 'Coffeezzo', aired with a quiet ambience fitting for meetings or alone time. Some parts of this cafe has its taste of art, but the area near the kitchen is pretty messy that spoils the overall conceptual atmosphere.
Is this real?
Love the wall art.
Simple design.

Moving on, the edibles were scrumptious, surprisingly better than expected. On our round table had a long black, a cappuccino & an apple caramel latte. Other than the both authentic coffee beverages, I would say that the apple caramel latte needed a stronger hint of apple. Soon, a bold slice of Chocolate Banana cake entered our vision then collided with our tastebuds; the chocolate fondant was rich & the bits of very ripe banana maintained a sweet aftertaste, causing me to dig my fork into it repetitively. Easily saying, I would be back for more. Average cafe pricing. However, the service can be described as awkward & uneasy depending on the waiter approached. Get quality servers, for omnom's sake!
From top: Apple Caramel Latte, Long Black, Cappuccino.
Fine slice of Chocolate Banana.

Definitely more palatable writes to come!

Forever hungry, Alanis xx.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Jupiter Ascending | Q&A

What's up fellow peeps! The sci-fi film 'Jupiter Ascending' just aired on my television, my eyeballs went for it & it turned out to be a movie I don't like, but love. Meanwhile, I have this fresh idea of beginning a new blogging series of Q&A! So I thought, why not get it started with this adventure film as a cool tryout? Read on! #spoileralert

Starring Channing Tatum & Mila Kunis.

1. Who's your favourite character?
Caine Wise! Not trying to settle in the ordinary go-for-the-hot-guy vote (if so I would had went for Balem), but his personality truly caught my eye. Partially my type of guy, but not as open-hearted as I wished for.

2. If you get to pick a category to be in, what would it be?
Definitely a Splice. Yup they are genomgineered humans designed to serve specific purposes & functions, but I don't look at how they are drafted to be someone. Instead I melt into their abilities & strength to match my true inner identity. With high endurance, brawn & intelligent, these traits are what I aim to live with being the werewolf I dream to howl. (A dog, really?)

3. Which planet would you prefer to call home?
Cerise, homeworld of Kalique Abrasax. Probably because of the atmosphere which is very similar to LOTR's Rivendell. I enjoy the rushing sound of the waterfall & its mountain-ish view, a peaceful-looking place I could run around breathing fresh flowers.

4. Favourite quote from the movie?
"I create life and I destroy it. Life is an act of consumption. To live is to consume." - Balem.

5. Do you agree that time is the most precious thing wanted by alive creatures like us?
To me, time is gold yet not something I would die for once my time is up. It's a process of life, humans live by their choices & plot twists. There will never be regrets as without our doings of the past despite right or wrong, we wouldn't be who we are today. Let nature set its alarm clock & we obey our rules of existence, shall we?

Want to top up more questions? Leave them at the comment box below & I'll update the post as frequent as I can. Hope you enjoyed this episode of Q&A, also let me know if you'd love to read more stuff like this!

Have a splendid week, Alanis xx.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Not Okay

Ignore this post if you're expecting an euphoric chapter of my story. Apologies for killing your assumption.

If you're going to ask me how I'm doing, here's a frank answer - I'm not okay. To shut my mouth is what I really want right now, but this enormous urge of mine to erupt my hiding heartache is overpowering my wanting. I don't want to brag neither complain about my shit that cause joyful humans to lose their smile & tear up, so please leave my blog for a second. Like I said, I created this blog also for my own necessity, it acts as my emotion's major egress, aka I'm spilling crap so I could at least breathe better. So for the sake of everybody's mood, delete this tab & go for a walk. Don't want to spoil the day of yours.

Alright, just me here right? Time to reveal the skeleton in the closet (I swear this is hard). I recently relapsed, and it was pretty much in awful shape. The reasons I chose to not tell, but it tumbled me back to day one. Mia befriended I, and I could sense Ana spending a visit soon. Like, really? Even my conscious mind had a clear vision that I was over them. All the gym commitment being frittered away? Gosh it's drowning me. I'm exceedingly tired of whining my crap to the peeps around me, plus to be honest, the feedback I receive sometimes are not the ones I hope to hear. So here I am, writing to chill myself as I have nowhere to punch a hole. Especially when you meet bummers who say such humans just whine for awareness. If you're one of them, go to hell.

Losing 4.5 pounds in 2 days doesn't seem so bad. Let it continue for a month or so, and I'll hit the point below the line. Half of my sense compellingly disagrees with such occurrence, yet the other half unconsciously clicks. If you understand how this bull works, you could probably relate the helpless state I currently float in. What hurts more to know is the response I got from my parents. I don't even bother to find aid anymore after hearing what they spat at me. It's just, stuff that you could never expect blabbering out from your guardians.

"You better not have it (depression). If you do, just leave the fam." There she said it, words that could never be erased. How does the world assume that I could obtain a real helping hand when my nearest & dearest lives fail miserably to accept who am I, or what I've become? Don't even get started with the source. There you guessed it, a source whom couldn't accept its doings. Out of the random, listening to Kodaline's High Hopes while gently spamming the keyboard annihilates my inner being so bad. Yes, grasp onto them high hopes, hopes with insights blurred. Hopes to stop the beeping monitor.

You're still here? What the heck. Just listen & grant me peace aites. I'm just gonna end it here before I continue to ruin your day with gloom. Nights.

Monday, 14 September 2015

After Party Sleepover

Afternoon hey! Time to write part two of Saturday night's enthusiasm, pardon the wait!

Following our arrival to Nedd's house after #WorldStageMy, we took turns rushing our showers as we couldn't afford to waste the time off such a gold dust event. Of course, everyone began to seek for the wifi password because there were so much about the music fest to share! That annoyed Nedd for sure. What was more infuriating to her was after we obtained the password - everyone lied slackly on the bed, tapping on our smartphones vigorously with screen displays of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Can you imagine our reactions when she ordered us to grab the snacks we just bought downstairs? No one budged a muscle. Nedd was sent to an outburst causing us to leave the room in milliseconds. Scary.

I remember I was starving nuts that the 200g pack of Koko Krunch I purchased was gobbled off in seconds. Ah, that reminds me of having such a satisfying cheat day! Before #WorldStageMy I had a sweet red bean sundae from Milkcow & a cinnamon roll from Coffea Coffee, then a bag of sugary cereal at night. Much yum! Did I lied to myself saying I need them calories to rave my way through the fest? I think so. *smirks* Moving on, we had a game of Uno to buy the night time. Yup just one game, that actually took more than HALF AN HOUR (my bad, I set the rule of only one card can be discarded during each turn despite its same number & colour). Twenty minutes later, everyone stared at me like I'm the headmistress of our school, wanting to stab me in the head. Gienne even fell asleep during the game. I don't even remember who won.

Uno for four!
As presumed, every single one of us cried for bedtime immediately after the horrible Uno game ended. Gienne & Michelle slept on the cozy bed, while Nedd & I conquered the wooden-tiled floor. Obviously, I brought my 7-year slumber pal along - Jibby! (aka my sleeping bag) What's not the expected part was me turning into a caterpillar, creating choky laughters in the room.

How I look like when I'm playing Crossy Road.

Caterpillar says goodnight.
Next morning, our plan to hang out in the park was umm, terminated by our unable-to-wake-up heads. Besides Michelle who had to hop out of bed at 7 due to her parents arrival at 8, everyone was whining non-stop while clinging ourselves onto pillows. Sluggish kids we are. Eventually we did nothing until my ride came at half past 9. Regardless of the unproductive morning, oh gosh the night was one of the best hours of darkness I'd ever experienced. Another satisfying tick on my bucket list thanks to the #SneakersSquad! Without them I would had already rot into mushrooms years ago.

Peace out, Nandos. #firsttime
^ Sliding in a little extra of Sunday night, a warm dinner consisting the UOC 14/15 and the Scouters was held at Taipan's Nandos. Believe me or not, it was actually my first time digging into Nandos! (yup just laugh it out bro) Love its extra hot sauce & sweet potato mash. What a fun night to wrap the year off with the fabulous team of 15.

Phew, it's been a long time since I enjoyed such a excitement-filled weekend. Fingers crossed for more before the huge examination barge its way into my life. Also looking forward to next year's #WorldStageMy with the squad!

Cheers, Alanis xx.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

MTV World Stage Malaysia '15

Huge morning to you all lovely humans! Last night was such a blast it felt like I was in some deep hallucination.

From the evident title, you guys probably know where my night was spent yesterday aites! One word to describe it - unbelievable. The crowd was flooding Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach, music was super invigorating, and the ones who performed were awe-inspiring. To me, I attend this once-a-year music fest to meet Sekai no Owari, Carly Rae Jepsen & Jason Derulo! Oh gosh I don't even know where to start, they were tearing the stage into pieces. Sekai no Owari made me love them more (the piano performance is heart melting I swear), Carly's performance was perfectly executed & her songs were soul-satisfying, Jason Derulo literally stole the show. His dancers were sight-killers my jaw remained open while they did hysterical moves. Plus the songs he chose to present? Yaassss.

Ah, almost forgot to mention the crew that I went with. They were Nedd (of course), her sister Gienne, and Michelle. What a night of our lives we lived. On top of that, we even met cool people during the event - Benjamin Kheng, JinnyBoy & Mark O'Dea! Hmm there were definitely cons too besides the pros, for example the heartless smokers who are doing an excellent job teaming up with Mr. Haze. I don't care if it's a cigarette or an e-vapor, you're still smoking shit in public, godammit.
Tickets for four.
With JinnyBoy!
Sneakers Squad.
Stage from far view.
View from sitting down *pants*.
Chilling in Pyramid after it ended.

Soon after the event came to an end, we had a sleepover in Nedd's house (or slumber party as she would have it). But well, I'm just going to keep this post until here, obeying the title's accent. The crazy sleepover part will have to wait for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Hope you peeps had a fun Saturday night too!

Rock on, Alanis xx.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Triumph & Bliss

Evening, world! Today was splendid, had so much enjoyment on an exam break day. Would be even delightful to share the glee with you all!

Wondering why an exam break day snapped out of nowhere? Our school's co-curricular awarding ceremony was situated on this 'prominent' day. Why prominent you ask? Teeheehee. We 104th Scouts of Petaling had achieved several winnings in various categories - we'd proudly won the Best Documentation Award, 1st runner up of the Best Notice Board Award, and 1st runner up of the Most Outstanding Uniform Movement Award! Here's the exciting part, we were the only ones to win as many as 3 hampers. What an amazement.

Unit of Council 2014/2015

After the contented yet stodgy event, we finally get to free ourselves from the formalities & the time to go wild arrives. Yup it's going to sound awkwardly witty, but today was the first time Nedd & I got our hands on a monopod. Without a doubt, you could probably imagine how riotous we were as if we were on weed or something worse. Our ally, Yiqian even got dragged into the party. Welp. 

Stealing Nedd's trophy.
Probably the best shot without crap.
Me: Why is it taking so long?
Far shot. 
Confusing blend of disgust & unease.
Psst, we're batman's sidekick.
H. e. y.
Frienship of 5 years & still going.

With the cool monopod featured above, I bet you guys are going to love the vlog that I'm going to film this Saturday; 3 more days to MTV World Stage 2015! My soul for music's already pumped up sky high to watch Jason Derulo & Carly Rae Jepsen perform their hearts out. It even seems impossible to wait for Saturday's arrival! Also, here's last Saturday's vlog if you missed it. 

That's all for today & I'll write to you peeps soon! :)

Cheers, Alanis xx.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Questioning My Sexuality

Hmmm. This is going to be a back-breaking one. Just let me breathe for a second, alright.

Yesterday around 6.30pm, I stormed around the house looking for plans to entertain myself instead of hitting the books. A hair clip sitting on the cupboard caught my sight, therefore I grabbed it & went for the mirror in the office. Finally a solution to fix my grass-like bangs, I thought. With a little swish swash, the hairdo's done, I stared at myself, unknowingly feeling a slight dissatisfaction towards the image reflected on the glass.

I realised that I did not like the way I was presented to society.

Modelled like some A class student with geeky hair just missing her thick glasses, I pulled off the hair clip causing an unintentional pompadour standing above my forehead. Fingers began to violently play with my side locks while my facial senses gave a confused & dejected look. The turf-like hair was a result of an untrimmed pixie cut looking forward to become dashing long hair. This clear idea slapped me awake, questioning me the same question that never left since I was 5. Who am I trying to become?

If you're once or currently a close ally of mine, you should had noticed the constant irritating changes of my hair length since late primary school. When it was long, I would want it short; When it's short for some time, I would want it to be long again. And the cycle flows on till this day. My gray matter fought the war & lit up the lightbulb, forcing the evoke of the reasons why I do such repeating actions. In a sudden I realised, short boycuts are my ever identity, but I keep them long to match the cast I was fixed to be, not the one I am.

Recalling my childhood afflictions opens up the wound. Shopping the boy's department, invading the Hotwheels section in Toys R' Us, picking on drums instead of ballet. All these divergence that are now no longer uncommon meant something. Even my macho personality kills it. Guessed it or not, this once lead me to think I was gay, but it felt so wrong; I never once had feelings for a person whom I share the same gender with, and my crushes are laid on men. So it was concluded that me being gay was impossible. Thus I'm bisexual neither (this probably needs time to tell me so), leading me to the familiar one of a kind.

Well it's not exactly surprising, but I'm a tomboy for sure. For those who aren't sure about the term, here's wikipedia for you. Being one doesn't actually terrifies me as I find it a cool fitting in society, but what I'm scared of is the probability of me being bigender. Contrary to bisexual, bigenders still fall in love with the person they share the opposite sex with. But what's heavy that this word's carrying is that it refers to the constant switching of genders varying to situations & dysphoria is present. Now, what's on me is I don't own the constant gender swapping part, I can only imagine myself falling in love with men, but I'm positive that my hair switches play a sign as gender dysphoria. So if you question me, am I bigender? The answer's I don't know. It all lands on time to execute its thing.
Ellen Page's my tomboy bae. <3

To be honest, writing this post's so hard. Revealing my true identity feels amazing, but the surroundings that matter owns a mild chance of grabbing acceptance. For instance, my parents. They would flip if they find out, and it's only the matter of time for it to occur. Plus they wouldn't allow me another boycut. It sucks being locked as someone you're not for the pride of others. I swear Asian parents are not as nonjudgmental as the Americans.

To wrap the ribbon around the edge, I'm just going to continue being me because hey, I don't live for others but for myself. It doesn't matter if you refuse to accept the logic, only my opinions weight. Could use the support. And check out this short film 'Boy', love it so much as it somehow relates. Would also love to express my respect for the people who came out to their true individuality, may the force always be with you!

Have a wonderful week & I'll see you soon. :)

Alanis xx.