Thursday, 28 January 2016

Awful Stereotypes

Few days ago, I attended my first ever Sociology class in my first week of college. What's Sociology, you ask? Well, it is the scientific study of social behaviour or society, including its origins, development, organisation, networks & institutions (basically humans in groups, I think?). Yup, the field is pretty wide to me, and I chose to sit in this subject as it'd probably decorate my Communications major. Lots to memorise/understand, at least I own my liking to this subject.

One of the subtopics I learnt from class last Tuesday was a term you can spot from the title above - Stereotypes (no I did not learn what's above the stars). A term widely used in society nowadays, it is also something we shouldn't practice & model in the 20th century. Here's a thing you gladly discover about me today: I HATE people who stereotypes. In such a rapidly-growing & advanced decade, there is no way I can understand why these doltish humans chose to follow the view of old/dead people of their same kind. Like come on, man. Why would you think Asians are freaking smart anymore? Most of us were forced to bury our faces into books & dictionaries when we were young, don't say you're still in support of that torturing childhood story! Anyways, here are a few stereotypes I loathe to the extend I'd spit on horrible humans who practices them.

1. Tomboys are gay.

Alright guys let's end it all here for once. WHY IN HEAVENS WOULD YOU THINK SO? Just because they dress like a boy & skateboard to school, there's no way that makes us fall for the same gender as we are. I'm not saying there are no gay tomboys, but I'm spreading the awful logic of this faulty stereotype to the world so inconsiderate souls would stop thinking so. Do you know how hard is it for us when boys cut off the affection for tomboys as we are stereotyped as gays? I have guy friends saying shit to me as if I don't get hurt like girly girls, pulling my hair thinking I'm wearing a wig (why) & of course, thinking I'm in love with my bestie. So please, just stop it all for us cool people's sake. 

2. Asians are good at math.

Nope nope nope, at least not for me. I HATE & suck at math, even the calculator doesn't sound like help to me.

3. People with beatifully decorated houses are rich af.

Okay this is not a popular one you'd hear your buddies rant about, but it's something I can definitely relate to. Yup the interior design of my house is throughly-thought & my family did spent a lot on our warm cozy shelter, it's because you see, it's our fucking home. We rather spend our hearts onto a place where we'd enjoy lovely times with our closest relatives than waste it on stuff like fashion & food etc. As a matter of fact, we rarely spend our notes on entertainment like going to the movies & karaokes. Thus in conclusion, we don't buy IKEA furniture just to look like we're top class citizens, I can hardly afford my college education so shut up.

4. YouTubers are (expected to be) extroverts & fun in real life.

Firstly I'd like to declare most YouTubers ARE fun in the non-virtual society, allow me to refer to the other small half of the YouTuber community. I'm an extroverted-introvert, for example. I do love to laugh & shake new hands all the time, but it's also one of my struggles to actually greet & make new friends. I constantly try so hard to squeeze myself into crowds & try to be cool in order to have unknown classmates approach me, but I was unintentionally trained to be an anti-social kid. Here's a tiny favour I'd ask for, next time you see us, feel free to greet & hug us first before we nervously run off! 

That's all I suppose. High five to you if you agree with me! Don't worry if you don't though, I'll still give you a high five then drop it off once you're into it. Nah blame's not on me, you're slow.

Hope you enjoyed the read & stay beautiful on the inside aites! Alanis xx.