Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Valentine's Alone

Waking up to the freezing air
Not spotting any teddy bear
Into the blurry light I stare
Valentine's Day is awful, I swear

Shots of love Instagram was filled
Without difference, Twitter too was killed
Turning my head to the right, I looked
Even my plushie had such a day booked

After all the cringing scenes
I decided to head out to sightsee the greens
Not expecting to see a couple of two
Kissing each other that gave me the flu

Headed back inside to watch a movie
Well, The Notebook definitely made me moody
The kitchen I go to make myself lunch
Heart-shaped cereals didn't help, I boringly munch

A snap of fingers, I see the moon
The night's here yet I hold no balloon
Devastating, ain't it? February 14
Singles out there, at least we're all clean!

Yup, that's me.

- Inspired by how society gives a hard time to the singles out there during every February 14. -